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Yay Music Approval!

2010-04-13 11:02:36 by Paincalibur

Yay ive got approved, so you can listen to my music :D
tried first with a demo tape of hypocrysis.
Listen to it and comment it :)

Metal Band

2010-04-01 04:39:08 by Paincalibur

The Metal Band "The Onliest" want a second guitarrist. May I join them.
But i think the Bandname sucks.

Downfall - Raise of the King

2010-02-24 08:42:21 by Paincalibur

Hey there, dunno if sb is reading this, but here are some news:

A friend and me started a RPG Game with an interesting storyline and friendship system.
I posted the titlescreen of the Game, maybe you like it and want to find out more.

Here some short infos about:

- Hack and Slay Battle System (complete)
- Level Up for power and Friendship Abilities (in work)
- a giant Fantasyworld with many Citys, Towns and (of course) Quests for honor

Just like a RPG has to be ;)

Creating a Band

2010-02-08 03:57:24 by Paincalibur

I just start now this Friday with my Band our Projects.
Hope we can record some Songs and upload it then on Newgrounds.